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Well it has been a challenging year! Early on crops looked superb, dry spring sowing enabled corner to corner field sowing. Then it stayed dry, some seed germinated some waited until the rains. When it did rain we saw many two stage crops, and boy did it rain! Western Canadian farmers did not see much reprieve from the moist weather, we still seem to be in the wet cycle.

I would like to remind farmers wanting to use farm saved seed to pretest your germination, many samples are low due to fungal infections. Know what you have, and you won’t get caught short on seed. If you are looking to buy pedigree seed, look at our listing on the website, give us a call!

Good NEWS! Zeghers Seed Inc. is currently buying specialty crops like; Brown and Yellow Flax, Brown Mustard, Green peas, Canary seed, and many others. Please give us a call, we can help marked your crops!

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