We’ve got good news, Manitoba. Aside from being delicious, versatile and extremely healthy, peas are about to improve the economy.

The French company, Roquette, recently announced that it is planning to build the largest pea processing plant in the world in the Manitoba area. Roquette will soon hire around 150 full-time employees.

The plant will be located in Portage la Prairie, and will cost an estimated $400 million to complete. According to Roquette, this project is the “largest global investment dedicated to pea protein to date” and will help to fulfill the demand for plant-based protein all throughout the world, while also boosting Canadian agriculture export.

Who Will Benefit From the New Pea Processing Plant?

While the project will be a great boon for labour workers of all types, it will also be an asset to all those who are involved in the agricultural industry, including farmers, distributors, value-add processing and small- or large-scale operators. Those involved in commodity markets and even those in the importing and exporting industry will benefit from this new plant.

The world is shifting more and more towards plant-based proteins, and it’s time to get on board. Peas are part of that. Consumers are moving away from white flour and gluten, and pea flour is a surprising but effective substitute. Bread is a staple many people enjoy, and peas can provide a great alternative source.

How Does Zeghers We Play A Role?

Zeghers is proud to provide pedigreed seed to growers and export customers. Our home base in Manitoba, Canada allows us to cater to local and global markets. We specialize in high quality pedigree seed, also purchasing, exporting, conditioning and packaging high-quality food and feed grains and are proud to distribute our products across the globe. Want peas? We’ve got them! At Zeghers, we’re invested in feeding the world, and yellow and green peas are a staple in many diets worldwide.

While you’re at it, check out our vast selection of pedigreed seeds, including yellow golden flax, white proso millet and brown flax. These versatile grains can be used in many recipes, including various freshly baked breads with higher protein content.

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