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We are Zeghers Canada

As a family-owned business, Zeghers is committed to giving back to the local and global communities. Established in 1985, our seed business has been an integral part of Holland, MB, even as our presence is felt worldwide. What began as a pedigreed seed business providing regional employment opportunities has grown into so much more. As a comprehensive global operation, our business encompasses every aspect of pure, clean, safe seed. Today, the vision that founder Don Zeghers imagined, has continued on and become a sustainable reality thanks to steadfast leadership of President and CEO, Shawn Zeghers.

Our Vision

To provide the purest, cleanest and safest ingredients used in our customer’s food products - across the globe.

Our Mission

"The Relentless Pursuit
of Quality"

Our Team

Zeghers staff is composed of professionals with decades of experience in the agriculture sector. Including in-house agronomist, logistics managers, technicians and more. Each of them brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to the company. With them, you have a reliable expert on your side to help you with all your seed-related needs.

Shawn Zeghers
Shawn ZeghersPresident & CEO
Tryggvi Arason
Tryggvi ArasonOperations Management
Clement Hacault
Clement HacaultSales Manager

Zeghers History


Don Zegher launches his seed processing enterprise in Holland, MB.


Zeghers Seed Inc. officially becomes a CFIA approved Conditioner and Bulk Storage Facility


Zeghers Seed Inc. becomes CSI acccredited Seed Establishment.


An extensive upgrade renovation takes place, better quality and capacity is achieved.


Shawn Zeghers joins the Zeghers Seed Inc. staff as manager.


Zeghers Seed Inc. expands into Human Edible grains toll processing alongside our Pedigree Seed Business.


Shawn Zeghers Purchases Zeghers Seed Inc. and is CEO President of the company.


Zeghers Seed Inc. developes and implements top tier GMP’s to provide our customers with the safest human edible products.


Zeghers Seed Inc. becomes CGC HACCP certified to provide our customers with top quality products with full tracability.

Zeghers Seed Inc. becomes CCSP certified, enabling us to properly sample and submit for GMO and other testing. Thus ensuring quality is maintained.

Zeghers invests into expanding sales, marketing into the global export marketplace with primary processing, conditioning, and packaging of human edible grains and pedigree seed.


Investment in the packaging system gives Zeghers Seed Inc. better effecencies, quality control and tracability.

We become CFIA CGSP certified, allowing Zeghers Seed Inc. to sample and submit samples to CFIA for PHYTO certifications.


Zeghers Seed Inc. becomes a member of CSCA


New CFIA CGSP certification is required and obtained


Extensive investment in the processing equipment line, gives capacity and excellent quality control.

Zeghers Seed Inc. rebrands itself as Zeghers Canada to better reflect the national reach of its products and services. Updates visual identity and launches new website, modernizing the business and positioning it for further growth.

Company Contacts

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Box 426, Holland, MB, ROG OXO



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