Growing Winter Wheat


Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean your crops have to. In fact, now is the time to start preparing to plant this season’s winter wheat. If you haven’t already included winter wheat in your rotation, here’s why you should:

  1. Winter wheat can out-yield spring wheat by 20%.
  2. Adding winter wheat to your rotation can make more efficient use of your equipment.
  3. Winter wheat has ecological advantages including managing herbicide resistance and diseases such as fusarium.
  4. It provides soil cover over the winter months, which reduces soil erosion due to the elements.
  5. Early spring moisture isn’t lost - winter wheat can use it.
  6. The root system enables winter wheat to withstand drought conditions.
  7. Winter wheat can survive in low-fertility soil.

For best results, plan ahead. Seeding early - between mid-August and mid-September - will give your crop the best chance for success. This allows the crop to grow 2 or 3 leaves, which will improve the probability of winter survival. Avoid seeding too early, as this will increase your crop’s chance of winter injury or snow mould. There’s no need to wait for moisture to seed, since winter wheat is hardy and can germinate in dry conditions. A rule of thumb to follow regarding seeding is this: seed early, heavy, shallow, slowly, and use treatment. If you can’t see the seeds on the top of the ground, you’ve seeded too deep. Planting too deep cripples your  crop’s chances of surviving the winter.

Winter wheat tends to thrive and produce high yields when planted in rotation after canola or mustard. Applying fertilizer such as potash when you plant will give your seeds the start they need. As for weeds, applying weed control before seeding should last into the fall. Don’t overlook the benefits of seed treatments, either - they can dramatically improve your crop’s chances of survival through the winter. Winter wheat is not generally prone to disease or pests due to overwintering, but there are a few things to watch out for in the early stages, such as Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus and Fusarium Head Blight (seeding early can help prevent this).

Now all that’s left is to wait until May to assess your stand. Winter wheat requires patience, but that patience can pay off.

Zeghers Canada can help with a seed treatment program that's just right for you! Want to chat? Visit us on social media on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

The New Year approaches!


Well it has been a challenging year!  Early on crops looked superb, dry spring sowing enabled corner to corner field sowing.  Then it stayed dry, some seed germinated some waited until the rains.  When it did rain we saw many two stage crops, and boy did it rain!  Western Canadian farmers did not see much reprieve from the moist weather, we still seem to be in the wet cycle.  

I would like to remind farmers wanting to use farm saved seed to pretest your germination, many samples are low due to fungal infections.  Know what you have, and you wont get caught short on seed.  If you are looking to buy pedigree seed, look at our listing on the website, give us a call!

Good NEWS!  Zeghers Seed Inc. is currently buying specialty crops like; Brown and Yellow Flax, Brown Mustard, Green peas, Canary seed, and many others.  Please give us a call, we can help marked your crops!

Employment Opportunities At Zeghers Seed Inc.

2016 Harvest Looming

Wow!  Time sure flies.  July 2016 has been a literal whirl wind across Canada's prairies, with severe thunder storms tracking across most of the prairies.  Reports of tornadoes and severe hail in some locals, in general a whole lot of rain!  In our area, most crops looks good.  However some crops are suffering in lower lying areas.  


Zeghers Seed Inc. is expecting to have pedigree Hazlet Fall Rye planting seed available for the upcoming 2016 fall planting season, so book early as there is limited supply.  Zeghers Seed inc. is also planning on having fall triticale and winter wheat seed available for fall planting.


New for Zeghers Seed Inc. this year is our participation in CFRY 920 am's 2016 Grain Rush!  Come in and visit to enter, or give us a call we would be glad to enter your name for the chance to win Supper in the field for 10 people!

Finally, I would like to thank all our customers and wish you to have a great harvest!

Zeghers Seed Inc. Sponsors Holland Elementary School Field Trips

Zeghers Seed Inc. along with many community volunteers, helped to refurbish the Holland Elementary School Track and Field grounds!  Thanks to all the volunteers!!








For the second year, Zeghers Seed Inc. is proud to be the sponsor of Holland Elementary Schools yearly Field Trips!  Congratulations to all students from grades k-8 on a successful 2016 field trip year!

Forages for 2016

June is fast approaching, where did May go?!  Hot and dry weather persisted through May, enabling most producers the opportunity to get most crops planted.  Some may have been waiting for some precipitation, which is currently presenting it self today!  

The hot dry weather we experienced recently, maybe a cause for concern on the forage crop for 2016.  Hopefully wetter, cooler weather persists for awhile.  Zeghers Seed Inc. has many forage input options; alfalfa's, grasses, millet, triticale, rye, etc...  We can custom blend our forages to what the individual producer desires, to match environment and soil types.  Wet trait alfalfa and grasses, saline tolerant alfalfa and grasses, dry land varieties, are some of the examples.  Red Proso millet is also in stock, and makes a great choice for a fast establishing and finishing forage crop.  Plant Red Proso millet and look to forage harvest in approximately 60 days.  Zeghers Seed Inc. also carries Triticale and Rye, Tricicale also gives producers the choice as an excellent forage or leave it to harvest for grain.  Rye is an excellent graze and cover crop option.

Zeghers Seed Inc. also offers rental on our Rotary Forage Planter, this planter can be used to plant forages in one pass.  It can also incorporate dry chemical and be used to plant small oil seeds, like canola or flax.  

Hope the timely rains reach us all for 2016!


Your Pedigree Seed for Spring Planting 2016

Well we started off March with unseasonably warm dry weather, however normal seasonal weather returned.  Once warm weather persists, planting will start.  There is very little excess melt off to content with, unless mother nature changes her mind!  

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that Zeghers Seed Inc. still has good supply of the following seed;  Brandon wheat, Cardale Wheat, Faller wheat, Conlon Barley, Souris oats, Lightning Flax, and Red Proso Millet.  We also handle Northstar and Imperial forage seeds, and have custom blending abilities to suit your individual needs.  Our Phoenix rotary harrow sowing system is also available to rent.  

New this year, Zeghers Seed Inc. has implemented a credit reward program.  The program is based on loyalty to Zeghers Seed Inc.  When a seed sale is made to any customer who has purchased in the past year, a loyalty reward credit  will be issued and displayed on a statement.  The Loyalty reward credit will then apply towards next years eligible seed purchases.  It is our way of saying thank you for your continued patronage!

See You At SIAL Montreal April 13 to 15, 2016

Zeghers Seed will be attending as an exhibitor at SIAL Canada from April 13 to 15th, 2016 at the Montreal Convention Center in Montreal, PQ.

Sial Canada, The North American Food Innovation Exhibition is the biggest show in North America with 850 exhibitors from 60 countries. Sial Canada is dedicated to national and international professionals of the agri-food industry.

Zeghers Seed is partnering with Manitoba Trade and Investment alongside 16 Western Canada exhibitors this year. We will be showcasing our products in the Prairie Canadian Pavilion; focusing on Flax, Mustard, Rye, Triticale and Peas.

We are available throughout the trade show to discuss your product requirements and future business opportunities. We hope to see you there.

Zeghers Seed's Quality and Safety on Canadian Flax

Canadian grown flax seed, in all its forms, is used in a variety of food production, personal care products, animal feeds, fiber, and any number of industrial uses.  Canadian flax crops satisfy a diversity of needs through out the world.

The natural qualities of Canadian flax supplied by Zeghers Seed Inc. make it a superb oil, food and feed ingredient.  Our Canadian grown flax is seen as a health promoting ingredient, whether it is used in food or feed ingredients.  Canadian Flax seeds high alpha-linolenic fatty acid content, ample fibre, and cancer - fighting lignans, it is a unique functional food.  

Zeghers Seed Inc. carefully selects Canadian grown flax to match our buyers specifications and expectations.  How does Zeghers Seed Inc. accomplishes buyer satisfaction, by offering excellent quality and traceability?

Step 1) Zeghers Seed Inc. offers and recommends top quality pedigree flax seed to its growers.  The pedigree seed has unique certification and lot numbers for traceability and quality controls.  Canadian pedigree seed is regulated by CFIA and CSI, and must pass several tests before it can be used for planting.

Step 2) Carefully selected grower samples are collected by Zeghers Seed Inc., to ensure quality and consistency to the end users.  We may even have samples pre-approved by the buyer before conditioning occurs, thus ensuring buyer satisfaction.

Step 3) Zeghers Seed Inc. follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) and HACCP, to ensure the highest safety and quality of our products during processing and packaging.  This system is regulated and audited by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC).

Step 4) During Zeghers Seed Inc.'s many processes, sampling is completed to ensure quality, safety, and consistency of the product.  Samples are then submitted to a third party for verification of quality, safety, consistency, and other tests the buyer may require.  At Zeghers Seed Inc., we are accredited samplers (CCSP).

Step 5) Ongoing Communications with our buyers is important, in today's world communicating is easy and can eliminate many issues due to change in our world.  Zeghers Seed Inc. feels strongly about keeping in touch!

Step 6) Special attention is given to logistics, from our door to the buyers door.  There can be many different shipping arrangements made to custom fit the buyers needs, but Zeghers Seed Inc. strives to carefully select logistics with quality and food safety in mind.  

So remember there are several factors to consider when looking for Top Quality and safe Food and Feed Flax.  Quality and safety verification, traceability, logistics, communications, are just some of the unique services Zeghers Seed Inc. supplies our buyers.


The Amazing Health Benefits of Canadian Flax

Did you know that Canadian Flax is know throughout the world for its superior oil quality and higher oil content?  Higher quality and oil content have long been the major attributes to Canadian flax!

For instance, Canadian grown Brown Flax on average has a oil content of 44% and an average content of 59% Omega - 3 fatty acid.  Some Canadian brown and yellow flax varieties have tested higher in oil content or omega - 3, or both.  

When we think health benefits of flax, first thing to mind is Omega - 3 fatty acid benefits.  However there are several health benefits of Canadian Flax.

1) Lignans are unique fiber related polyphenols that provide antioxidant benefits, and also act as phytoestrogens.  Among all the commonly eaten foods, research now indicates flax as the #1 source of lignans in a human diet.  Flax contains about 7 times as many lignans as sesame seeds, 338 times as many as sunflower seeds, and 3200 times the amount of peanuts! Flax ranks 9th out of 100 commonly eaten foods for its polyphenol content (polyphenols are an important antioxidant group).   The antioxidant benefits of Canadian flax can reduce the risk of inflammations arising from deficient intake of proper nutrients.  There is some preliminary findings in flax research that show, intake of flax in a diet can decrease the risk of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, asthma, obesity, and MetS.   The three lignans found in flaxseeds, secoisolariciresinol, matairecinol, and pinoresinol are shown to benefit hormone balance.  These three lignans can be converted by certian intestinal bacteria into enterolactone (ENL) and enterodiol (END), ENL and END have direct effects to our hormonal balance.  New research is finding that ENL and END may play an important role in fighting hormone related cancers, however more research is to be compiled on the matter.  Some of the other lignans have shown to help elevate some menopausal symptoms, however the benefits seem to vary from one woman to another.

2) Canadian grown flax has a strong record of providing cardiovascular benefits!  Resent research into flax benefits has shown improvements of metabolic syndrome (MetS).  One such research study, has shown up to a 20% decrease in the prevalence of MetS after only 12 weeks.  The diet included 30 grams of ground flax per day in the form of flaxseed-enriched bread.  Of interest, in addition to improving blood pressure and lowering fast glucose levels, the intake of flaxseeds also contributed in decreases of central obesity!  What, health benefits without causing weight gain?!! Wow, for a food that is over 70% fat in terms of total calories!

3) Flax's Omega - 3 fatty acid content, ranks highest among the World's healthiest foods!  The primary Omega - 3 fatty acid found in Canadian flax is alpha linolenic acid or better known as ALA.  Flax has been found to be stable for at least 3 hours of baking time at temperatures of 300F/150C.

4) Another benefit of Canadian Flax is its mucilage content.  Mucilage is water soluble, gel forming fiber that can benefit the intestinal tract.  Mucilage help to prevent the stomach from emptying too rapidly, by slowing this process absorption of certain nutrients is benefited.

5) Canadian Flax makes a superb feed additive!  Repeated studies on beef, chicken, and eggs have shown increases in omega - 3 content when flax meal and/or oil are added to the animals diets.  Consumption of these product that contain omega - 3 content from Canadian flax will added up quickly in a human diet.

6) Lets not forget food safety!  Canada is well known through out the world for its food safety.  Here at Zeghers Seed Inc., we follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's).  We offer only Canadian grown Flax, known worldwide for it's high quality and high food safety regulations.  Zeghers Seed Inc. is certified, regulated and licensed  by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC), and Canadian Food inspection Agency.  We are Kosher approved, and hold many other approvals and licenses important to providing safe quality products.  

To finish up, one only has to realize that consuming Canadian grown flax either directly or indirectly is good for our overall health.  Canada supplies unique environmental, logistical, regulatory benefits, that ensure quality, value, safety, and on time deliveries.  Zeghers Seed Inc. operates in the heart of the Canadian flax growing region, we are not disconnected from our growers and therefore benefit by having a superb traceability system.  


Spring Planting Pedigree Seed Selling Fast

Hello to all, wow January has flown by!?!  We have had a few seasonal days this month, but are currently seeing some warmer weather.

Are yo ready for 2016

Are yo ready for 2016

 I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the Pedigree Seed supplies for this upcoming 2016 spring planting season.  Planting intention reports have indicated lower wheat planting, higher beans, peas, and corn.  While pedigree seed wheat supplies seem good currently, it does not take long to change.  I would also recommend booking your Pedigree Lightning Flax seed sooner than later, reports show planting intentions for flax close to the same as the past year, which is up over the last 5 years.  Zeghers Seed Inc. offers early book / pay discounts until mid Feb. 2016, and we can offer new crop pricing contracts on flax.  Other crops of interest in the planting intentions are Mustard's and Canary, being up slightly from the average.  Zeghers Seed Inc. can help you market these crops as well.   

I would like to thank our past and present customers for the patronage, and if you plan on being a new customer, welcome!

Special THANKS!

Zeghers  Seed Inc. and staff would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all our customers!  Without you we would not have had a successful 2015.

2015 in review was a busy year, with many changes at Zeghers Seed Inc.

 Investments in safety and training, along with plant improvements have scored Zeghers Seed Inc. and its employees one of the lowest WCB rates for 2016!!

 Zeghers Seed Inc. has also made strides in our processing line efficiencies in 2015, enabling higher through put of products while lessening costs.  

Growing Forward II has enabled Zeghers Seed Inc. to invest in labeling and traceability software.  Enabling us to offer enhanced traceability to our customers.

 Here at Zeghers Seed Inc. we believe in a sustainable earth.  Through our improvements in effeciencies listed above, we have been able to reduce our carbon foot print substantially.  One of Zeghers Seed Inc.'s many green processes includes composting, and in 2015 we adapted this system to shorten up the composting maturing time. 

All in all a busy year!  Special Thanks to you, our customers!  Hope to hear from you in 2016!


Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!

This winters temperatures have been great for shortening the long grip of winter, I find it hard to believe we are into the New Year!  I would like to keep all up to date on this coming spring's pedigree seed supply issues.  Our Meadow Peas have been Sold Out since early December, with little to no supply left in Canada.  Also of late, pedigree Barley seed has become short in supply.  Zeghers Seed Inc. has a Limited amount of Conlon available, if you are planning barley production, ensure your bookings.