The 2017 Pedigree Seed Quality results are in!  Find High Germ, and Excellent quality at Zeghers Seed Inc. 


Pedigree Planting Seed:


2017 Pedigree Planting seed:

  •  AAC Brandon Wheat CWRS
  • Faller 2015 crop Wheat CWIW Limited supply
  • Cardale  2015 Crop Wheat CWRS Limited supply
  • Conlon Barley
  • Souris Oats
  • Lightning Brown Flax
  • Meadow Yellow Peas

Other Planting Seed:

  • Red Proso Millet - Excellent forage production, very palatable. 
  • Yellow Flax
  • Spring Triticale
  • Canary Seed
  • Brown Mustard
  • Chickling Vetch
  • Pedigree Forages - Zeghers Seed Inc. offers a full line of  Seeds forages, we can custom blend to suit your needs.  Also Zeghers Seed Inc. offers to rent our Phoenix Rotary harrow forage sowing system, this unit works well for small seeds and grasses.

If you don't see it here call and ask, we'd be happy to try fulfill your needs!




Renting and Sowing with the Phoenix Harrow:

Zeghers Seed Inc. is also pleased to offer our customers with our Phoenix rotary harrow forage sowing system.  This system is available to rent, and works great for sowing custom forage blends.  Zeghers Seed Inc. has the ability to blend forages to you particular custom needs, and combined with the flexibility of the Phoenix system your forage crops will be a success!  The system has agitation to ensure uniform forage blend application.  The other benefits to the Phoenix system are; low horse power requirements, high flotation due to light weight design, and ability to work in higher moisture soils.  This system also works for other small seeds and dry chemical applications, like canola, flax, Edge, Treflan, etc...  Ask for rates pertaining to your needs.

Little Known Facts:

Your farm's production GROWN from:

  • Pedigreed flax seed could end up in someone's health food in the US, Mexico, Europe, and other regions
  • Pedigreed rye seed could be used to cover crop thousands of acres and promote sustainable agricultural practices across the US
  • Pedigreed pea seed could provide thousands of people in the Middle East with an important staple in their diet
  • Pedigreed wheat seed could be used by famous local bakeries in their well known bread products
  • Every seed we sell to you could have value added to it, and be marketed at a premium for you

More Facts:

Zeghers Seed Inc. is:

  • C.G.C licensed
  • C.G.C HACCP Certified
  • Uses C.G.C. certified samplers and CCSP certified
  • A MAFRI approved Food Handling Establishment (Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives)
  • An Accredited Seed Establishment
  • A CFIA approved conditioner and Bulk Storage Facility
  • Kosher Approved