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What began as a regional pedigreed seed business in 1985 has grown into an international company that provides the innovative ingredients used in many food products around the world.

Rooted in a deep understanding of our international customers’ needs, Zeghers provides a high quality consistent grain that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. We have the expertise to provide the innovative ingredients used in global food products that speak to the quality, purity, and safety of our seed for a number of applications.

Our Mission

To provide the purest, cleanest and safest ingredients used in our customer’s food products across the globe.

Our Team

With decades of experience in the agriculture sector—including an agronomist, a logistics manager, technicians, and more—Zeghers has the expertise to customize our seeds for the specific needs of your operation.

Shawn Zeghers

Team Leader

Shawn holds many hats in the Zeghers Canada team. However, he is the owner and leader of the operation. Shawn is very hands on with the day-to-day operations on the plant floor. He can fix just about every machine in the operation. The Zeghers business has been in Shawn’s family since it started.

Jonas Cacatian

Accounting and Office Manager

Jonas oversees the accounting department. Jonas looks after incoming wire payments, FX, and the accounting program for Zeghers.

Megan Kemp

Sales and Purchasing Manager

Megan oversees all aspects of the sales circle at Zeghers Canada. She is currently the main purchaser for ag commodities out of Western Canada. Megan’s sales focus is on Pedigreed Seed and Cover Crop Seed sales because of her background in Agronomy. She bridges the gap between production and sales and ensures sales get completed.

Mickie Foale

Sales and Marketing

Mickie is based out of Montreal and is Zeghers’ sales representative in Eastern Canada. Mickie manages the east warehouse in Montreal. Mickie works with customers both international and domestic for raw food ingredients and pet/bird food products. Mickie is a complete sales rep that serves her customers well.

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