Cover crop

Zeghers strives to continue building partnerships in sustainable agriculture practices. Over the past few years, we have grown our profile in the cover crop market across the United States and have continued to prove ourselves by promoting and shipping top quality cover crop seed. Our common cover crop seed is treated like our pedigree seed to ensure that the high standards of quality are met.

At Zeghers, we take pride in having full traceability from the field all the way through our production system.

Cover Crop
  • AC Hazlet
  • Bobcat Fall Triticale
  • Fridge Fall Triticale
  • Sunray Spring Triticale
  • AAC Delight Spring Triticale


  • ORe3541M White Oat
  • ORe3542M White Oat
  • 4010 Peas
  • Other Cover Crop Seed
  • Custom Blending Available

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