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Brown Flax

With a nutritious quality on par with its yellow cousin, our Brown Flax seed retains a ruddy, reddish brown color that is at once good-looking as it is nutritional. With high Omega-3 oils, Zeghers Canada Brown Flax seeds are of a premium character for food and feed applications.

Yellow (Golden) Flax

With a focus on food and feed grade seed, as well as industrial grade seed, Zeghers Canada has remained a top international source for Yellow and Golden flax. Because of Canada’s superior climate and with 99.9% + purity, our seeds promise exceptional oil quality, as well as an unprecedented oil content.

Brown Mustard

With applications in the food and condiment industries, Brown Mustard also has uses as a seed, spice, and additionally, as a quality oil or flour. In recent years, the need for both Brown and Yellow Mustard has continued to grow, and Zeghers Canada is ready to offer a prominent source for this seed.

Yellow Mustard

As a North American best-seller, Yellow Mustard from Zeghers Canada is of a supreme quality. In addition to undergoing rigorous quality checks, this cultivar is aromatic, possesses an appealing color, and nutritious.

Yellow Peas

Zeghers Canada provides a reliable source for pure Yellow Peas without adulterants and other impurities. This popular cultivar imparts a taste that is similar with green peas.

Green Peas

Primarily grown as a cool season crop, Green Peas come with a slightly sweet taste that has made them a world-wide favorite. Along with low growing varieties, Zeghers Canada is also able to deliver premium-graded vining cultivars as well.


Unrelated to any other wheat, buckwheat is ideal for a range of soil types. At the same time, it adapts well to different climates as well. Along with a novel range of uses in the food industry, clean and sized buckwheat from Zeghers Canada is an impressive grain.


Chickpeas are known for their high protein content. They are used for both food processing and whole seed. Our chickpeas are harvested from a small area in Saskatchewan which are able to produce quality product.


Lentils are known to be an inexpensive high-quality source of protein, making them staples in developing countries and vegetarian diets. They are also being used more and more in health conscious diets. Lentils are used in both the whole and split form.  

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