Pedigreed seed

Pedigree Seed

  • AAC Brandon Wheat CWRS
  • AAC Tisdale CWRS
  • AAC Carver Yellow Peas
  • CDC Amarillo Yellow Peas
  • CDC Sorrel Brown Flax
  • CDC Meadow Yellow Peas
  • Bobcat Winter Triticale
  • AC Hazlet Fall Rye
  • Common Yellow Flax
  • Ore 3542M – Oats
  • 4010 Forage Pea

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How does pedigreed seed provide additional value?

Consider your choices for farm-grown production.
  • Your pedigreed flax seed may contribute to someone’s health food in the US and in regions throughout the world.
  • Your pedigreed rye seed could be used to cover thousands of acres and promote sustainable agricultural practices across the US.
  • Your pedigreed pea seed might provide countless people in the Middle East with an important staple in their diet.
  • Your pedigreed wheat seed could be used by famous local bakeries in their well-known bread products.
Pedigreed seed from Zeghers Canada provides several crucial differences.
  • Assurance that agricultural identity is preserved throughout the supply chain.
  • Extensive knowledge about your specific seed, as well as depth of traceability.
  • Growing solutions with a high degree of customizability per application.
  • Ability to market your farm production at a premium for you.

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Rent and Sow with Our
Phoenix Harrow

When you need a powerful foraging and sowing system, we also offer our Phoenix Harrow. Along with impressive agitation and uniform blend application, you’ll find that it offers many other benefits, including:

  • Low horse power requirements
  • High flotation due to light-weight design
  • Ability to work in higher moisture soils
  • Excellent for other small seeds and dry chemical applications
  • Perfect for custom blended forages from Zeghers Canada

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