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Brown Flax

With a nutritious quality on par with its yellow cousin, our Brown Flax seed retains a ruddy, reddish brown color that is at once good-looking as it is nutritional. With high Omega-3 oils, Zeghers Canada Brown Flax seeds are of a premium character for food and feed applications.

Yellow (Golden) Flax

With a focus on food and feed grade seed, as well as industrial grade seed, Zeghers Canada has remained a top international source for Yellow and Golden flax. Because of Canada’s superior climate and with 99.9% + purity, our seeds promise exceptional oil quality, as well as an unprecedented oil content.

Canary Seed

As a key ingredient in keeping birds healthy, Canary Seed is one of the top birdseeds in the world. With a slight blonde color, these seeds have a shorter growing season and offer a profitable crop that’s easy to manage and harvest.

White Proso Millet (Crown)

Suited for livestock and bird feed markets, White Proso and Crown Millet have also risen in prominence in recent years due to its gluten-free nature. Boasting attractive yellow coats with a healthy shine, Zeghers Canada White Proso and Crown Millet seeds thrive even in warmer weather environments.

Red Proso Crown Millet

Bred for specific markets, Red-seeded Proso Millet has seen additional attention in recent years. Along with uses in bird feed markets, Zeghers Canada seed comes in early and late maturing varieties for your unique needs.


From Canadian origins, this remarkable seed has become a highly sought-after commodity. As the sole oilseed bred specifically for western growers, its market continues to experience substantial growth. For our clients, Zeghers Canada is proud to offer high-quality spring and winter varieties that are appropriate for a range of geographic areas and growing conditions.

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Zeghers Canada maintains an extensive offering of grains. Feel free to reach out to us, so we can offer you a solution that fits your needs.

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